Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday morning romp.

I need to start timing Zig, but I'm pretty sure he's running the lengh of 3 acres in about 20 seconds.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zig is an official Lake dog.

The Zigster loved every second of his time at the lake this weekend. He learned the ropes of being a boat dog, a dock dog, and the fine art of chasing fish and stealing sips of beer. Good dog, Zig, good dog.

Zig trying out dockdiving- not bad for his first time!

Zig LOVED swimming at the lake this weekend! Swimming and retrieving are the first things I've seen Zig be ultra serious about, besides birdwork. He was confused at first as to why he had to wear the vest, but with the way he swims and his obsession with chasing anything that MOVES it was a must so that boaters could see him coming!

Every retrieve was met with this much enthusiasm.

Mr. Cool.

"The line" is required of all new swimmers at the lake so that we can reel them in if needed and to guide them into the ramp for the dock. Needless to say, Zig only wore it once- he was a pro!

If allowed, Zig would of just swam around the lake for hours with his bumper.
Zig got a kick out of watching the ducks, birds, and seaweed swim by the boat- more than once he tried to leap out!
Perking up at a good smell on his first boatride.

Trying for the 20th time to "sneak" out of the boat.

Part of the crew. Zig, Vera, Neva, V

Zig was fasinated by the boat motor- and everything else that moved!