Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zig had a fun home visit with some friends last Sunday. Besides being a bit of a space cadet, I think he had a good time and could easily get used to having a human boy to play with and horse poo to eat everyday :) Thanks Melissa and Brian, for giving him a chance!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Not an uncommon sight.

Because I'll miss him IF he ever gets adopted...

Freaking Awesome Dog Portrait "Arteest"

Don't tell the Weims, but I entered Zig in a contest. YES, I chose his photo to enter over all the thousands of adorable Weim ones I have, and YES I chose a GSP over my beloved Weims... but, what can I say? He's a hunky monkey and if he wins, and if he gets adopted, I'll have a nice reminder of him hanging on my wall- cause lord knows I'll miss the goober.  With that said, you should enter the contest, too! Here's the link to her facebook page...ée-aka-Dog-Arteest/280907289493?sk=wall

Wish us luck!