Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zig goes camping and dogshowing...

Zig here. I went camping with the gang for a few days in a state called O HI O

It was fun at first...

In ONE morning we saw wild turkeys, 3 deer, lots of cats, some squirrel, and birds!

But we had to stay in this pen thing so we wouldn't wander off...

 Then we went to this place called "dog show"  I was told by some GSP people that I was a good looking boy and had a nice head. Whatever that means.

Foster sister Vera did some fancy prancing stuff and I guess she did really, really well. Something called Winners bitch and Major. I always knew she was a MAJOR BITCH, but for some reason whenever I say it, it's not as cool...

But I had fun at the dog show thing anyway...


  1. Oh Zig, you make me smile! Sara, I can't say enough about how you write! I laugh out loud pretty much every time I read your posts! Makes my day! You truly have a gift for verbalizing the GSP brain! My heart breaks for Zig, I WISH we could bring him home! He & my Cooper would be the bestest of buds Im sure! Although, he does look quite happy at home with you & the rest of your beautiful pack! Seriously, those are the most GORGEOUS dogs! :D
    Until next time...!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Maurine! It's nice to know that someone enjoys the blogs!
    Zig is a wonderful boy- full of character and so loving.
    THanks for the comments about the rest of the pack, too. Sylvie and Neva are also rescues.

  3. Zig in my opinion you have a great head!!! cutest face :) and u should of been in the dog show to!!!
    your face looks just like my girl bleu belle, if u and her were in the water togather i wouldnt be able to tell u two apart:)